Wacky (but hip) actual C&W Song Titles




Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy Buck Owens, Don Rich Buck Owens
Send Me To Glory In A Glad Bag   John Biggs
Serutan Yob (A Song For Backward Boys & Girls Under 40)   Red Ingle
Set The Blues Back 100 Years Bill Anderson  
Seven Beers With The Wrong Man   Bonnie Blue Eyes
Seven Beers With The Wrong Woman    Karl & Harty
Seven Years With The Right Woman Bob Miller  
Seven Years With The Wrong Man Bob Miller Rocky Mountain Rangers
Seven Years With The Wrong Woman Bob Miller Dick Thomas
She Broke My Heart At Walgreen's (And I Cried All The Way To Sears)   Homer &
She Broke My Heart In Three Places    Hoosier Hot Shots
She Came Rollin' Down The Mountain   Callahan Bros
She Got The Dog And I Got The Sony Michael DeLisle  
She Got The Gold Mine And I Got The Shaft James Dubois Jerry Reed
She Got The Green And I Got The Blues David Schulman, Robert Byrne C. Ross
She Loves Elvis Better Than Me   Ray Stevens
She Made Toothpicks From The Timber Of My Heart Dick Sanford, Sammy Mysels Homer & Jethro
She's Acting Single (I'm Drinking Doubles) Gary Stewart Gary Stewart
She's Giving It Away   Shelton Bros
(She's Got A Butt) Bigger Than The Beatles   Cledus T. Judd
She's Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On Her Hand   Savoy Brown
She's Got Freckles On Her, But She's Nice (The Freckle Song) Larry Vincent Hank Penney
She's Inflatable Al Anderson, Jeffrey Steele Cledus Judd
She Just Started Liking Cheating Songs Lionel Delmore, John Anderson John Anderson
She's Looking Better Every Beer John Kevin Shine Stray Cats
She's Looking Better Every Minute   Teddy & Doyle Wilburn
She Thinks I Steal Cars Richard Bowden, Dickely Lee, James Pinkard Pinkard/Bowen
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Jim Collins, Paul Overstreet Kenny Chesney
She Took It Like A Man   Confederate Railroad
She Was Bitten' On The Udder By An Adder   Homer & Jethro
Shot Full Of Love   Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Shove It Up Your Heart   New Blues From Texas
Sick & Sober & Sorry   Johnny Bond
Slap Her Down Again Paw   Patsy Montana
Sleeping Single In A Double Bed Kye Fleming, Dennis W. Morgan Barbara Mandrell
Sliding Off Your Satin Sheets   Johnny Paycheck
Somebody Knows My Dog   Willis Bros
Someone Moved The Ladder   Hank Penny
Somebody's Been Using That Thing   Milton Brown
Some Cowboys Hate Horses Jack Clement  
Someday's You Can't Make A   Hoosier Hot Shots
Some Little Bug Is Goin' To Get You Some Day   Bradley Kincaid
Some White People Can Dance James Buffett, Tim Krekel, Seth Taylor, Michael Utley Jimmy Buffett
Something's Wrong With The Beaver   Kinky Friedman
Song Of The One-Legged Chicken, The   Tom T. Hall
So Round So Firm So Fully Packed   Merle Travis
Sow Sow Sow Your Oats   Homer & Jethro
Squares Make The World Go Round   Roger Miller
Squaws Along The Yukon   Hank Thompson
Stay All Night Stay A Little Longer   Lefty Frizzell
Stay Away From My Chicken House   Cumberland Ridge Runners
Step Back, I Feel A Heartache Coming Dennis W. Morgan, Billy Burnette  
Stick Your Finger In A Glass Of Water (Take A Look At The Hole That's Left)   Willis Brothers
Still Life With Rose (Is Better Than Life With You) Junior Brown Junior Brown
(I'm Pouring) Straight Tequila Over Mixed Emotions Jack Hargrove, Don Stafford Trini Triggs
Swimming At The Bottom Of The Pool   Leroy Pullens
Tain't Nice (To Talk Like That)   Carlisles
Take Me Drunk, I'm Home Alan Wooley The Cartwrights
Take This Country Music & Shove It Bill Carlisle    -
Take This Job And Shove It David Allan Coe Johnny Paycheck
Take Your Love And Cram It Thomas Wilson  
Take Your Love And Put It Where The Sun Don't Shine Doug Gilmore, Randy Sharp Ray Stevens
Take Your Love And Shove It Carolyn Hester, Nelson Shaw Joe Pesci
Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong Dallas Frazier, Sanger Shafer George Jones
Tell Ol' I Ain't Here He Better Get On Home   Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley
Ten Miles From The Grave They'll Still Be Coming   Clay Daniels
Termite's Love Song The   Sons Of The Pioneers
Texas Never Woulda Made It (Without Ol Tennessee)   Hank Penny
Thank God And Greyhound She's Gone Larry Kingston, Ed Nix Roy Clark
That Ain't In Any Catalog   Sunshine Ruby
That Darling Still Of Mine   Homer & Jethro
That'll Learn Ya Durn Ya  - Maddox Bros & Rose  
That Naggin' Wife Of Mine  - Leodie Jackson  
That's My Story, And I'm Sticking To It James Buffett, Jay Oliver Jimmy Buffett
The Girl Turned Ripe   Merle Haggard
Them Hillbillies Are Mountain Williams Now   Hoosier Hot Shots
There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens   Trapezoid
There's a Fly In My Soup (And I Ate It) Dennis W. Morgan  
There's A Fly On Babys Head   Carlisles
There's A Tear In My Beer Hank Williams Hank Williams Jr.
There's A Tear In My Beer ('Cause I'm Crying For you, Dear) Tot Seymour, Alan Shurr  
There's No More Fuedin' In The Mountains    Carson Robison
They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore Kinky Friedman Kinky Friedman
They Say It Is Sinful To Flirt   Delmore Bros
Think Of Me (When You're Under Him) Darryl Rhoades Darryl Rhoades
Third Rock From Her Thumb John Greenebaum, Anthony Martin Cledus Judd
Three Sheets In The Wind   Johnny Bond
Three Shiftless Skonks   Light Crust Doughboys
Timber, I'm Falling In Love Kostas Patty Loveless
Times Have Changed Ain't They   Red Foley
Too Drunk To Be Drinking Bucky St Mitchell  
Too Drunk To Dance Sally Fay, David Finkel  
Too Drunk To Dream Ralph Waters Whiskeytown
Too Drunk To Drink Clyde Otis, Albert Smith  
Too Drunk To Drive Robert Lee Wilson Smokey Wilson
Too Drunk To Fish Cyrus Kalb, Glenn Fortner Ray Stevens
Too Drunk To Stagger Rocky Zharp  
Too Drunk To Swim Scott Fields  
Too Dumb For New York, Too Ugly For L.A.   Waylon Jennings
Too Many Dollars Not Enough Cents   Bill Carlisle
Too Old To Cut The Mustard   Red Foley & Ernest Tubb
Too Old To Tango   Red Foley & Ernest Tubb
Too Young To Tango   Sunshine Ruby
Top Ten Commandments Richard Friedman Kinky Friedman
Trains Make Me Lonesome   George Strait
Turn Loose Of My Leg   Jim Stafford
Ugly & Slouchy   Maddox Bros & Rose
Ugly Woman Told Me No Peter Smith  
Uh What's Her Name   Lonzo & Oscar
Uncle Hiram & The Home Made Beer    Dick Feller
Unpucker   Cousin Jody
Up To My Ears In Tears Otis Blackwell, Scott Winfield Alan Jackson

And they say nobody writes love songs anymore ...