Wacky (but hip) actual C&W Song Titles




Jack Daniels And Broken Hearts Buzz La Carte  
Jack Daniels Is A Friend Of Mine Jack Howard Nicholsen  
Jack Daniels To The Rescue John Rodby  
Jack Daniels Took My Body Out Charles Barrett  
Jack Daniels, You Lied To Me Again Bruce Innes Ray Stevens
James (Hold The Ladder Steady)    Sue Thompson
Janie Fricke, I'd Give You A Hickey Ray Stevens Ray Stevens
Jerry Go Idle That Car   Mac McClintock
Jim's Windy Mule - Sweet Violet Boys    
John Doe On A John Deere Don Cook, Conley White, John Rich Lonestar
Jukebox Junkie   Ken Mellons
Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Me   Stanley Bros
King Is Gone (And So Are You), The Roger Ferris George Jones
Knee Deep In Bottles And Beer Virginia Miller, Donna Mitchell  
Knee Deep In Loving You   Dave & Sugar
Last Word In Lonesome Is "Me" Roger Miller Roger Miller
Lena The Queen A The Uptown Arena   Ziggy Talent
Length Of Line Blues David Rubin  
Let Me Play With Your Poodle   Hank Penny
Let's Have A Hand For The Hog Roger Miller Roger Miller
Life Is Just A Tire Swing James Buffett Jimmy Buffett
Life Just Gets Teejus, Don't It   Carson Robison
Little Dab Will Do Me, A   Little David Wilkins
Living Myself To Death Bill Anderson  
Living On Leftovers Of You Robert Morris  
Lookin' Back To See (If You Were Lookin' Back At Me)   Justin Tubb & Goldie Hill
Lookin' Out My Window Through The Pain Schweers George Strait
Love Will Beat Your Brains Out Ray Stevens Ray Stevens
Lulu Call The Cows Home   Lulu Belle & Scotty
Mama Get The Hammer (There's A Fly On Papa's Head)   Barrence & Savages Whitfield
May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose   Little Jimmy Dickens
Meet Me By The Ice House Lizzie   Hoosier Hot Shots
Middle Age Spread   Carlisles
Mississippi Squirrel Revival Carlene Kalb, Cyrus Kalb Ray Stevens
Mister Sears & Roebuck   Dorothy Shay
Money Ain't No Use Anyway   Gene Autry
Monkeys Is The Cwaziest People   Prairie Ramblers
Moon Is High (And So Am I), The Roger Miller Roger Miller
Motor Mouth Harry   Glenn Barber
Music Makin' Mama From Memphis Tennessee Hank Snow Hank Snow
My Baby Don't Dance To Nothin' But Ernest Tubbs Junior Brown Junior Brown
My Baby Left Her Jinglin' John For Foldin' Fred Dallas Frazier George Jones
My Baby Ran Off With A Coal Miner (& All I Got Was The Shaft)   Dick Feller
My Bucket's Got A Hole In It William York Willie Nelson
My Cross Eyed Beau   Girls Of The Golden West
My Daddy Was A Rabbit   Arkie The Arkansas Woodchopper
My Dirty Lowdown Rotten Cotton Jack Clement  
My Get Up And Go Has Got Up And Went Robert Morris Jimmie Driftwood
My Girl Bill   Jim Stafford
My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, And I Don't Love Jesus James Buffett Jimmy Buffett
My Love Keeps Growing Bigger Daily (Pound By Pound)   Carolina Charlie Wiggs
My In-laws Made An Outlaw Out Of Me   Hank Penny
My Old Flame Is Burnin' Another  Honky Tonk Down Bobby Borchers, Wayne Kemp, Mack Vickery George Strait
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You Lee Ross, Bob Wills Ray Price
My Uncle Used To Love Me, But She Died Roger Miller Roger Miller
My Voice Is Changing   Don Bowman
My Wife Is On A Diet   Hoosier Hot Shots
My Wife Left Me For My Girlfriend   Bellamy Brothers
My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend (And I Sure Do Miss Him) Phil Earhart  
My Wife Thinks You're Dead Junior Brown Junior Brown
Nail My Shoes To The Floor Bill Anderson  
Negatory Romance   Tom T. Hall
Never Hit Your Grandma With A Shovel   Dick Unteed
Never Trust A Man   Rosalie Allen & Her Black River Riders
Never Trust A Woman   Tex Williams
Never Turn Your Back To A Woman    - Luke Wills
Night Miss Nancy Ann's Hotel For Single Girls Burned Down, The   Tex Williams
Night We Heard The Voices, The   Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
No Help Wanted   Bill Carlisle
Not Tonight (I Have A Heartache) George Thorogood George Thorogood
Now I Know Why Hank Drank Stephen Davis, Dennis W. Morgan, Bobby Springfield  
Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back   Billy Edd Wheeler
Ol' Ben Lucas Has A Lot Of Mucus   Kinky Friedman
Old Enough To Want To, And Fool Enough To Try   Tom T. Hall
Older The Violin The Sweeter The Music, The   Hank Thompson
Old Gray Mare Is Back Where She Used To Be The   Carson Robison
Old Potato Peel Booze   Homer & Jethro
One Monkey Don't Stop No Show Timothy Marshall, David Wilkins Mickey Gilley
Out Of My Head, And Back In Bed Peggy Forman Loretta Lynn
Paint The Town Red(neck) Richard Fagan, Steve O'Brien John Michael Montgomery
Paper Roses (Cardboard Heart)   Charlie Carolina
Pardon Me, I've Got Someone To Kill Aubrey Mayhew, Donald Lytle Johnny Paycheck
Pardon My Whiskers   Wayne Raney
Phfft! You Were Gone   Bob Newman
Pint Of No Return, The   Johnny Paycheck
Pistol Packin' Mama Has Laid Her Pistol Down   Charlie Adams
Plastic Jesus Ed Rush, Paul Rush, George Cromarty Gold Coast Singers
Please Dad, Don't Sell The Farm Junior Brown Junior Brown
Please Take Your Drunken 15-Year Old Girlfriend Home   Jimmy Buffett
Pour Me A Double ('Cause I'm Single Again) Bob Segarini Cats & Dogs
Power Of Positive Drinking   Mickey Gilley
Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox When I Die Rick Blaylock, Howard Perdew Joe Diffie
Put Another Log On The Fire (Male Chauvinest National Anthem)   Glaser Tompall
Queen Of My Double-Wide Trailer Dennis Linde Sammy Kershaw
Queen Of My King-Size Bed Edward August, Terry Jackson  
Rabbits Dont Ever Get Married   Uncle Dave Macon
Recipe For A Heartache Marty Collins Hank Thompson
Recipe For A Me Jack Clement  
Ricky Tidwell's Moma Is Gonna Play Football Dean Daughtry, Timothy Wilson Cledus Judd
Ride 'Em, Jewboy Richard Friedman Kinky Friedman
Ridin' On A Hump Back Mule   Karl & Harty
Right Track, Wrong Train   Confederate Railroad
Rolling Pin Woman   Billy Cox
Run That By Me One More Time   Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton
Ruthless (Since Ruth Walked Out On Me)   Statler Brothers

And they say nobody writes love songs anymore ...