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A while back a short list of funny C&W song titles was being passed around the Internet.  Some of them were silly - and probably bogus;  But some of them were great!  I started expanding the list.  Now, the collection of titles reads like an overview of down-home, tongue in cheek Southern humor.  Even if you're not a Country Music, you gotta love the attitude.  Some of them are a little out there (Hey ... what would you expect from Kinky Friedman or Ray Stevens?) but many of them are gems.

Titles from the original list that I can't verify are in an "unknown" wish list on another page - that is, they're so hip that we hope they're real.  If one sounds familiar and you can help with the correct title or the artist, please let me know.  Or if you know a gem we've missed, hit the mailbox and let us know.  Please include the recording artist or composer name if you can.  No dirty songs!  And real songs only ... no fair making them up!

Finally, many thanks to Steve Alcott, Eric Finch, Bubba Miller, Rick Bryne, C.Gowan, Jon Erickson, Vernon Scoone, Britt Savage, Johnny Jorgensen, Tish Brubeck, Rod Groves, Monica, Lynetta Messina, Darryl Rhoades, Lisa Coin, Jamie Wilson, Bob Segarini, DDB, Keely, Michael Ray, Ted Williams, Nikki Wright, Jeremiah Budnark, Kay Cavin, C.E. Gerhardt, Darrell McCullough, Evan Russell, Marty, Mike Wilson, Gee Je, David Diehl, Claudia Schiffo, Neal Moister, Al Cagan, Ree Hooper, Steve Simon, Bob Raymond, Charlie Davis, Bill Monk, Richard Borgelt & Tom Jordan for contributions to the list - especially to Paul Dennis and Wayne Miller for some major additions to the list.  Paul and Wayne's listings comes from their personal record collections. My kinda people!


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The list got so long that could you make a pulled pork sandwich from scratch
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