April 5th, 2006



The first jazz album I've done in a while, and my first real "playing" album.  I pushed the racks of synths aside and revisited my first love, the Hammond Organ.  Most of the CD is in the classic organ trio format and features great performances by guitarists Joe Beck and Mike DeMicco, and drummer Danny Gottlieb.  My brother Tony is sitting in on bass, playing lead on a beautiful Jimmy Giuffre ballad.  The album has a few originals and several of my jazz arrangements of classic pieces - Erik Satie's "1st Gymnopedie", Steely Dan's "Deacon Blues", Ralph Towner's "Icarus" & the Beachboys’ "Sail On Sailor."

The cover photo was taken by photographer Sally Anderson-Bruce.  It was supposed to be used for a CD cover but was rejected. I've been using it as my PR image shot for years and finally got to use it on a CD cover as I had hoped to.  Thanks Sally.


I kept a log of the making of the CD - now moved to it's own section.

The Tony Levin Band

The Resonator Tour 2006

Just released: The Tony Levin Band: RESONATOR

Available from Amazon.com

The band is currently on tour promoting the new release - in Europe and the U.S.  The full schedule is on my LIVE page.

I'm keeping a log on the tour, with photos coming as I can deal with them.




5/27  Montreal, Quebec at Cafe Campus

Back on the road after a week of rest (which we all spent recovering from colds!)  First up, 3 one-nighters in Canada.  We headed out in the height of Memorial Day weekend traffic.  We left plenty of time - we thought - but not enough.  The backup at the Canadian border cost us at least 3 hours.  With no time left to find our hotel, we went directly to the club in downtown Montreal, loaded in and soundchecked in an hour and a half, and hit the show 45 minutes later.  We were pretty fried, but a super enthusiastic Montreal crowd gave us the boost we needed.  Montreal is a great music town, and Cafe Campus is a great music venue.  For sure, without their efficient crew on the case, we never would have pulled it off.


5/28  Toronto, Ontario at Lee's Palace


5/29  Hamilton, Ontario at The Corktown Tavern

One step inside the Corktown Tavern and you know you're in a corner bar.  It's more than a little run down at the heels, and the PA system (soon to be replaced) is a disaster zone - but funky ain't always bad.  A wonderful spirit prevails here, and the audience knows it.  Many firsts for us during this show, but without question the best sing-along crowd for the whole tour.  The term "sold out" gets thrown around pretty loosely on these club gigs we're doing, but this one was packed to the rafters - no question - with an enthusiastic crowd that waited in a long line in 90 degree heat.  The folks at the club couldn't have been nicer.  Every show Tony says something to the effect of how appreciative we are of the welcome we get and the energy we get from the crowd.  Even with the technical problems, it was a good show and a nice wrap-up gig for this short Canadian tour.

No pictures of me, so it's self-portrait time again.

I routinely leave the stage for the songs I don't play on.  At Corktown, backstage meant out the side door to the parking lot.  Luckily I had my camera with me when I discovered a great artsy photo op.  One of the parking lot lights cast a perfect shadow for a self-portrait. (left)  Then Jesse joined me and contributed his famous Indian Chief.  (Or it might be a rooster ... or Bart Simpson.  I'll have to ask him.)  Shadow of me taking the picture.  But aren't we supposed to be inside working?

Some friends came to hang out.  On the left, Jesse with Canadian guitarist Bill Dillon.  On the right, before the show Tony chats with old friends Mark and Lee Swidler and Barry Lonick who had driven up from Detroit to catch the show.  Another first for this show; we sang Happy Birthday to Mark during the encores.
Happy Birthday Mark!


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