April 5th, 2006


The first jazz album I've done in a while, and my first real "playing" album.  I pushed the racks of synths aside and revisited my first love, the Hammond Organ.  Most of the CD is in the classic organ trio format and features great performances by guitarists Joe Beck and Mike DeMicco, and drummer Danny Gottlieb.  My brother Tony is sitting in on bass, playing lead on a beautiful Jimmy Giuffre ballad.  The album has a few originals and several of my jazz arrangements of classic pieces - Erik Satie's "1st Gymnopedie", Steely Dan's "Deacon Blues", Ralph Towner's "Icarus" & the Beachboys’ "Sail On Sailor."

The cover photo was taken by photographer Sally Anderson-Bruce.  It was supposed to be used for a CD cover but was rejected. I've been using it as my PR image shot for years and finally got to use it on a CD cover as I had hoped to.  Thanks Sally.


I kept a log of the making of the CD - now moved to it's own section.


The Tony Levin Band

The Resonator Tour 2006

Just released: The Tony Levin Band: RESONATOR

Available from Amazon.com

The band is currently on tour promoting the new release - in Europe and the U.S.  The full schedule is on my LIVE page.

I'm keeping a log on the tour, with photos coming as I can deal with them.




4/13  Philadelphia, PA at The Grape Street Pub

Photo: David Kershner

Photo: David Kershner

Photo: David Kershner

Photo: David Kershner

Photo: David Kershner

The 6th bandmember; Robert Frazza
4/15  Rochester, NY at Milestones
Could be me ... but not.
Tony at my KB rig doing a solo encore.
Awestruck by our opening Barbershop Quartet Ovation after our closing Barbershop Quartet


4/19 Washington, CD - XM Satellite Radio Broadcast
 We did a broadcast from the XM studio in Washington
Matt Wolfe gave us a tour of the amazing XM facility.


4/19 Springfield, VA at Jaxx

A strange evening.  Jaxx is one of those classic, huge rock clubs where great shows happen.  At least that's what we were told.  This particular Wednesday there was no cook - so we didn't eat.  The opening band never showed up.  The house guy who mixes monitors took off before the show started and didn't come back.  The owner came in for a minute then took off.  And big surprise, they didn't publicize the date at all - not even a hand-written sign in the club!   If they were trying to keep it a secret, it worked.  Go figure.  We had a small but very enthusiastic audience, and we appreciated that a lot.  If you ever wonder why musicians grimace when they talk about "the road" ...

Tony - describing how an ape played piano with his knuckles, and autographing a T-shirt.


4/20  Asbury Park, NJ at The Saint

The Saint doesn't look like much from the street.  (Actually, it doesn't look like much when you get inside either.)  It's a small, funky corner bar with graffiti all over the walls and ceilings, showing every one of it's years of ungraceful aging.  The waiting line going down the block was our first hint that The Saint is much more than what it appears to be.  For years they've been bringing in great original bands - local and national touring acts - running as many as 300 shows a year.  People know it's good and they come out for it.  The room was so crowded we had to travel behind the bar to get to the stage.  Tony came up with a great idea:  We did our opening barbershop quartet from behind the bar while Kai hand-held a microphone for us.  Why do musicians do what we do?  The audience shots below tell the story.  We love this place!  It might turn out to be one of our favorite gigs on the tour. 

Photo: Joe Curreri
Load-in and setup Tony does 'Places To Go"


4/22 Schenectady, NY at The Van Dyck

Mainly a Jazz venue, I played in this beautiful club a few years ago with the Brubecks.  Pretty different this time out.  (Aside from louder!)  In spite of torrential rainstorms, we did two shows to capacity crowds who waited patiently in lines to get in.  It's a slow process at the door, up a narrow stairway.  The club usually doesn't have to deal with crowds this size.

The 3 shots below:  We had an event during the first show.  A few songs into the set, Rob Frazza came running up to the stage and stopped us.  There was a leak in the ceiling.  Right over Jerry's head, a plastic bag there to contain the leak was visibly filled and ready to burst.  Jerry came out front and chatted with the audience while Peter worked on the bag ... and got pretty wet!


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