April 5th, 2006



The first jazz album I've done in a while, and my first real "playing" album.  I pushed the racks of synths aside and revisited my first love, the Hammond Organ.  Most of the CD is in the classic organ trio format and features great performances by guitarists Joe Beck and Mike DeMicco, and drummer Danny Gottlieb.  My brother Tony is sitting in on bass, playing lead on a beautiful Jimmy Giuffre ballad.  The album has a few originals and several of my jazz arrangements of classic pieces - Erik Satie's "1st Gymnopedie", Steely Dan's "Deacon Blues", Ralph Towner's "Icarus" & the Beachboys’ "Sail On Sailor."

The cover photo was taken by photographer Sally Anderson-Bruce.  It was supposed to be used for a CD cover but was rejected. I've been using it as my PR image shot for years and finally got to use it on a CD cover as I had hoped to.  Thanks Sally.


I kept a log of the making of the CD - now moved to it's own section.

The Tony Levin Band

The Resonator Tour 2006

Just released: The Tony Levin Band: RESONATOR

Available from Amazon.com

The band is currently on tour promoting the new release - in Europe and the U.S.  The full schedule is on my LIVE page.

I'm keeping a log on the tour, with photos coming as I can deal with them.




5/8 Aschaffenburg, Germany at Colos-Saal

Kind of a special night.  This was the band's first gig in Germany, after years of trying to hook it up.  The Colos-Saal club turned out to be a perfect venue for us - medium size, very good sound, comfortable hang (WIFI in the green room ... yaay!) and a terrific, responsive audience.  Packed house too.

I was intrigued by the Jazz Kuche sign by the entrance.  It referred to the restaurant next door, not the club.  Nice sign though.


5/9 Zaandam, Holland at De Kade

Very colorful dressing room!

3 good lookin' guys - all Chapman Stick pl
ayers!  The guys on the left and right are Ron Baggerman and Frank Leurs of Galaxy Gypsy.

Photo: Frank Leurs


5/10 Zoetermeer, Holland at Boerderij

WIFI.  Backstage, the band gets psyched up for the show.


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