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Pete Levin
music for the film

The Score Recording Sessions
Sonart Studio
Mt Tremper, New York
April 1-8

The orchestral score for the film was recorded during the first week of April, 2000 at Sonart Recording Studio, just outside of Woodstock, New York.  Due to budget constraints, much of the score was synthesized, but several live musicians added their talent and performances to the music.  Mixing and postproduction was done at Sonart, Monk Music (Easthampton, NY) and at Pete Levin Music (New York, NY).  Among the source music elements, Pete created a fictitious top-40 radio station, then recorded the station IDs, DJ announcer and records that are heard throughout the film.  In this sound byte, the disc jockey is "Big Al" Cagan, and music clips are by Don't Ask and Jon Paris.  Click on the WZLO logo to hear some of the station programming in RealAudio.


Outside of Woodstock, nestled between a mountain and the Esopus River,
the main building at Sonart Recording Studio

The main room at Sonart.  At the right, studio owner and percussionist Ken Lovelett.
Ken designs and builds percussion instruments that are distributed by American Percussion.
Many of his creations are the studio.

In the control room:  Space got a bit tight when Pete's synthesizer racks moved in.
At the far right, Sonart's new maintenance tech gives the OK.

Engineer Cynthia Daniels came up from New York for the week to track and mix the orchestral score.

Cynthia with Ken Lovelett

with Pete

with engineer Ray Salas


Taking a breather from the Lion King, guitarist Kevin Kuhn did all the guitar work on the score.

Providing the main solo voice of the score, Steve Gorn played an assortment of Bansuri flutes.



Bassist Tony Levin lays down the bottom.  You can never have too many bald guys around!

Ken Lovelett playing percussion grooves on a Lapdrum, one of his own creations.

Pete at the board

with Tony

at Sonart's Steinway

Things are pretty sociable around Woodstock.  Among the guests who dropped in - from the left, drummer Jimmy Cobb, composer Chris Andromidas, guitarist Vinnie Pasternack, and guitarist Mike DeMicco.

Some days were sunny and in the 60s, some days it snowed.  On one of the nice days -
relaxing on the deck, Gregg Schultz on the left, Zelimo director Aleks Rosenberg on the right.  In the center, Aleks, Ralph Poppo, Pete and Ken Lovelett shoot the breeze.

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